Director/Senior Manager – AI Infrastructure (Beijing)


  1. Build and manage an organization that could include multiple teams to accomplish company objectives for developing and implementing a highly scalable and highly productive AI infrastructure which makes AI easier for every one;
  2. Provide guidance, mentorship, and coaching to the AI Infrastructure team;
  3. Collaborate with key stakeholders and partners (AI Foundation, News Ranking and other machine learning teams) to understand business needs, set technical roadmap for AI Infrastructure at company level (at Director level);
  4. Lead cross-organizational projects to improve AI platforms that benefit company OKR;
  5. Lead or effectively delegate design of core systems of AI platforms that support feature engineering platform, distributed training, highly scalable inference services;
  6. Work across the team, and effectively resolve collaboration issues with dependency and client teams to successfully deliver AI Infrastructure projects.



  • Minimum Qualifications
  1. 8+ years of experience in architecting, developing, and shipping software products with large scale;
  2. 2+ years of experience in the fields of AI infrastructure/platform with large scale;
  3. Solid understanding of how state-of-art machine learning algorithms work on a large scale and proven track record of building supporting infrastructure;
  4. Able to distill complex problems and drive toward creative solutions. Able to have deep end-to-end understanding of sophisticated distributed systems and can proactively detect problems and make improvement suggestions;
  5. Able to build a strong team through hiring, as well as mentoring/growing managers/engineers by constantly challenging them with solid support;
  6. Strong leadership and communication skills;
  7. MS or BS in computer science, mathematics, physics or other quantitative fields.
  • Preferred Qualifications
  1. Strong interest in news media and our mission.