Software Engineer – AI Infrastructure (Beijing)


  1. Responsible to set the technical directions of critical areas of AI Infrastructure team by working closely with AI Foundation, News Ranking and other machine learning teams of the company
  2. Lead design and implementation of core systems of AI platforms that support feature engineering platform, distributed training, highly scalable inference services
  3. Work across the team, and effectively resolve collaboration issues with dependency and client teams to successfully deliver AI Infrastructure projects
  4. Solve the hardest problems of the team



  • Minimum Qualifications
  1. Over 4 years of experience in backend development
  2. Experience and good understanding of building scalable and fault-tolerant services
  3. Good understanding of how AI training pipeline works
  4. Can have sustained self-driven productivity in challenging technical areas in a fast-moving setup
  5. Can have deep end-to-end understanding of sophisticated sub-system/systems and able to proactively detect issues and make improvement
  6. Strong coding skills in Java, C++ or Python
  7. Able to troubleshoot system problems involving system failure, latency or efficiency issues
  • Preferred Qualifications
  1. Experience with AWS
  2. Experience with scalable AI training and serving systems
  3. Strong interest in news media and our mission to deliver high quality information to the world